2020 eyes forward friends for the road ahead is ....

Eyes forward friends, well mine are, as we rush to the line that is the end of 2019 , a year of immense challenges , highs , lows and growth. As we enter the last month , it's a race to get brewing, distilling and casking done quickly before the Capertee heats take hold of the dry land and it gets just too damm hot.

2019 a year of developing Craft Works Distillery story brand to including selling and promoting a product brand, as Craft Works Distillery released various Australian independent bottling releases and picked up a few international awards along the way , not bad for a 60 sqm shed in the back of pub :)

Expressions of the Wood, Just Derek..., BLAK SOUL BEAST, LAGA CAT63, The Capertee, ODV, NMS, LAGA CAT53 and now RAGE! , wow what a year!

2020 eyes forward my friends because the road ahead gets very interesting for Craft Works Distillery as we anticipate upwards of 10 independent single malt whisky bottling releases and other spirits. As we enter the summer heats, each whisky cask will continue to develop their personalities and attitude and will be named to reflect it . In 2020 Craft Works Distillery will release CRAFT WORKER (name still to be confirmed) our first single malt whisky that would have been distilled in Capertee however it will be a very small release and the focus for 2020 will remain on the independent bottling arm of the business as the Capertee distilled single malt whisky casks continue to mature.

In 2020 the intention is to fill 24 100 ltr casks or equivalent and there are some very exciting barrels in our barrel bank. In 2020 there will be further development of the Craft Works Distillery BLAK SOUL BEAST flavour style profile, as we continue to strengthen our relationship with Pieter Van Gent & Vineyard (PvG) Mudgee and tap into the opportunities abound. In 2020 one of the objectives is to connect even more with the local area as there are many more opportunities to explore and collaborate on.

So in summary my friends, Craft Works Distillery is moving forward with confidence and a focus to continue to release products of depth of character and pleasure .



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