Well , I am not going to lie, it's going to be incredibly hard for Craft Works Distillery as a business to survive CO-VID19 on the back of the recent Australian bush fires and the business impact however after saying that, I can tell you that.... we will give it our absolute all as Craft Works Distillery is our absolute all.

Life is changing now on a daily basis and one thing that I am witnessing and experiencing first hand, is a new level of creativity and thinking outside the box (cask) to find new ways forward and options for the future. Barriers are being smashed through and energy levels are rising as people rise to the new challenges and accept that a change in thinking and action is required to get through this.

From Craft Works Distillery perspective, its working with our raw material suppliers, our customers and hopefully our future customers and find new ways that we can collaborate , help and support each other so that we can all get across to that happy land in the future in a brave new world.

The Todd aka the apprentices apprentice & I had big plans for 2020 with filling some special casks, releasing some special Craft Works independent bottling releases and finally after 5 years on the Craft Works journey a release of Craft Works Distillery single malt whisky distilled on Sunflower Still No1 @ Capertee, a first and a very proud first friends.

Plans are scaled back now to manage through the difficult months ahead but the commitment , passion and desire is still there to release product throughout 2020 and beyond.

Finally , I would just like to say thank you to everybody who has come along for the Craft Works journey so far and please keep travelling with us for the journey continues.

Please keep safe you , your family and your friends and try to find pocket moments of happiness and contentment in these challenging times and enjoy a great whisky from time to time and it doesn't even have to be a Craft Works :)



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