BLAK SOUL BEAST wins silver at the international 2018 Independent Bottlers Challenge in the UK.

Updated: Dec 10, 2018

We are delighted to announce that Craft Works Distillery has won a silver medal for BLAK SOUL BEAST at the international 2018 Independent Bottlers Challenge.

The Independent Bottlers Challenge demonstrates the extremely important role that we independent bottlers play both in the local and international whisky scene. IBers offer consumers expressions from distilleries where 'house' bottlings are rare or non-existing and provide a window into distilleries by offering single cask and limited edition releases at unusual ages and strengths.

To celebrate picking up a Silver medal at international spirits competition, a one off T-shirt will be printed. Designed by Abbie Field from the fashion house of Crafty 😁, hand screen printing.

cool design and 100% cotton comfortable. This will be released when BLAK SOUL BEAST single malt whisky is finally released. Register for pre-order.

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