Distilling thoughts

It’s 1:00am in the morning, it’s a balmy 6 degrees Celsius outside my distillery shed in Capertee but a toasty 20 degree Celsius by my still, Sunflower Still No1 @ Craft Works Distillery.

I am distilling a night run, I seem to end up doing a lot of my distilling at night for some reason.

Leaning over Sunflower Still No1, the man way glass window cover, I peer into the blackness of my beer wash moving to its owns rhythm of the rolling boil. It is actually very hypnotic and I can watch for quite some time.

It’s this quiet time that I really enjoy as I am alone , with the company of only my thoughts dreams and sometimes an inviting dram of Whisky.

Distilling is a magical thing to me , it’s so simple in so many ways yet so complicated in others but I also find it’s very spiritual in a non god like way and it just gets me thinking beyond the stresses and strains of the day.

Maybe it’s the creation element of it all and I know for myself this is the first time in my life I have created with my hands and produced something that I can say “ yes I did that.”

Distilling is female and brewing is male to my mind at least and I will explore this more in a future blog.

Distilling is one thing however brewing to distill... well that’s also another story, and another learning experience.

I am a Craft Worker therefore I am...

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