Idle times are creative times stepping away from the daily chaos to think outside the cask...

Self isolation is the new norm and many are struggling with it but self isolation to protect yourself, your families and your population is the absolute right thing to do at this moment in time so be safe. For me personally, its actually given me some time to down tools , think more about the business strategy and how Craft Works Distillery can become even more creative in what we do and what we offer in these challenging times my friends.

With the imminent releases of Grumpy Old Man on a hill... , Tokay Okay & The Capertee cellar door release No2 , its the first time for Craft Works Distillery that we will release more than one product at a time but we are also developing a new 50ml bottle strategy. This will give us a platform to unleash a new level of creativity and is exciting for us as offerings of mini releases in the future. With very limited small in cask progress releases, multi tastes releases for Craft Works Distillery virtual tasting and other ideas include Craft Works Distillery vote creation blends on line .

To kick off, our first 50ml release is something very special , its a vatting or blend whisky release called 'Vatman' as we all need a hero in our lives at the moment.

Vatman is a vatting of 2 x20 ltr casks with an Adams Distillery cask, part of my IB range and vatting together with cask 2 CWD2, our first Craft Works Distillery whisky based on our stout based recipe and fully Capertee matured into single malt whisky. CWD2 was distilled at Riverbourne Distillery as my still Sunflower Still No1 was in the process of being built at the time. Marty Pye my very good distiller mate you all know of , well in friendhip he turned his still over to me and allowed me to bring 1000 ltrs of my wash over and distill it , so CWD2 was one of the casks filled for Craft Works Distillery.

I am very excited to release Vatman shortly as the sum of the parts is very different and it doesnt taste like Adams Distillery or Craft Works Distillery , its unique and we are very proud of it.

I have decided for our loyal customers subscribers base , if you order a bottle of Grumpy Old Man on a hill.. and a bottle of Tokay Okay at the same time then you will receive a bottle of Vatman as a gift. For others, if you would like to purchase Vatman 50ml sample then it will be up on the web site shortly but very limited release so when its gone its gone. This will only be avaliable to subscribers and my existing wholesale customers who have been big supporters of Craft Works Distillery.

Guys, to finish up , I thank you for your support, I value your feedback and please drink safe, be safe and lets all get across to the other side and happy land again.

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