LAGA CAT so whats it's all about then...

As we start to enter the chill of Winter, it's time to decant my CWW-02 cask, otherwise known as LAGA CAT. Why LAGA CAT? Well, the idea came about last year when I started to think more about the cask and what it actually was......

In March 2016, I rang up Adam Bone (Boney) from the Tasmanian Cask Company, as I did on a regular basis, and asked him a repeating question of mine "mate do you have any special casks?".

On that day he did, something very special, and one he had only just got his hands on. It was a whisky cask from a famous Scottish distillery called Lagavulin, on the island of Islay, where I had started my whisky journey back in the early 2000s. "What an ex Lagavulin cask in Australia?" It had been used and still contained a small amount of muscat juice. Straight away I purchased the cask and asked Boney to recooper it into a 100 L deep charred cask for me. He also arranged to send me some juice and he did, in a 1.5 L soft drink bottle filled to the brim :-). Once the cask arrived in Sydney I sourced fresh new make spirit from an unnamed Sydney distillery and filled it, then starting its 3 year maturation period.

This cask developed beautifully over time with the richness of the fruits but with no residual smoke off the cask. It had a somewhat special finish that was very interesting. Various distillers and people of known good palettes tasted it and were impressed with its flavour, balance and of course taste.


I came up with the name LAGA CAT as it is an ex LAGAvulin / MusCAT cask and once again I named the cask and it developed a life of its own and a personality as did BLAK SOUL BEAST. And again I tasked my under paid 8 year old daughter to draw an image and she came up with a cat in a cask that looked as if it had attitude and so reflected the character of the whisky to me.

So now I proudly present the final label design for LAGA CAT and my plans to release it

in early July with a pre release for subscribers to the web site.

LAGA CAT - A cask strength 3 year old ex whisky/muscat American Oak deep charred cask.


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