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I AM a Craft Worker therefore I AM... , it was one of the core philosophies of Craft Works Distillery (Craft Works) right from the start and it gave me clarity in my approach to craft whisky making. Over the years organically another philosophic developed and that was the concept of ' Humanising the Art of Whisky. What hell does it all mean.

Right from the very start of my journey , it all started in my mind and it was not a thought process of lets just go into the whisky making business and make money, instead it was a seed of a thought of what was possible and what whisky actually meant to me as a personally. My whisky exploration was built off personal pain with the loss of a dear friend (refer to the blog about Derek) and I think this is one of the main reasons that whisky and emotions are so tied together for me personally. The journey itself into the exploration of whisky is also built on some pain and a lot of emotions and it is why my craft whisky passion runs so deep and yet so right on the surface with me with all my interactions , expression and engagements with the Craft Works followers and the new people I met. This actually brings me to explaining the concept that became the Craft Works core brand of Humanising the Art of Whisky.

Humanising the Art of Whisky... it really very simple to explain and for Craft Works everything is built on the bedrock foundation of story telling , accessibility and transparency. Craft Works is very much on a journey (check our logo), we are learning and exploring all the time and very excited by the progress that we have made over our very short time in the Australian craft spirits industry since 2015. We often ponder the journey ahead and the concept of what we don't even know that we don't know yet. Yes this is heavy but a big part of Craft Works is the thinking aspect and now you are reading about the inner workings of Craft Works mind so hold on , take a deep breath , pour yourself a beautiful Australian craft spirit of your choice and lets continue... shall we.

In a lot of ways when you are crafting whisky you are time travelling , what I mean by that is the product that is released today was put together years ago as decisions on the mash bill (grain recipe) , the cask selections , the cask filling ABV% , the storage location and many other factors where made years ago so when you taste a whisky , it is actually a reflection of a time before and not necessarily the current approach to whisky making.

With our latest release in Dec 2021 , the I AM... Too.. release and the follow up to the first release I AM... , we were very pleased with the result, in fact both releases and it's a testament of how far we have come in our whisky making crafting, so of course we are extremely proud of it as it stands as a piece of art to engage all your senses. To be able to develop our I AM... profile and to have actually developed a Craft Works DNA years ahead of our experience level, is to my mind a stunning achievement and we are now starting to flex more confidence in our approach to our whisky making. I honestly believe that we are about 5 years ahead of our whisky development timeline because we were bold enough at the start, took chances and honed our skills through Independent bottling but at the same time we moved very quickly into the art form of brewing , vatting or blending our whiskies at a very early stage in our journey back in 2018. We gained an understanding early in the piece of grain , grain flavours, brewing flavour contribution and that vatting is akin to cooking with fine ingredients. Are we cocky , are we over confident, the answer is absolutely NO! , we are very humbled and in awe of the process and to my mind, I AM... only just out of my self imposed apprenticeship and learning and continuing to learn is what it is all about.

So where from here for Craft Works ... That's easy , we continue to explore , refine and continue to grow. Our approach to crafting whisky is to focus on balance between DNA of Craft Works spirit and the cask itself. We don't subscribe to the mass marketing approach that cask is 80% of the flavour , we don't subscribe to the mass marketing approach that barley doesn't contribute to flavour and we certainly don't subscribe to the belief you need years of experience to make a great whisky and a lot of Australian whisky is just a hot tannic mess.

Australian craft whisky making is young , exciting & challenging and there is some amazing talent and trailblazers out there pushing the envelope and saying loudly " we are not Scotch, we are Australian craft whisky". Craft Works is part of this exciting group , we are loud, proud and yes we will make mistakes and yes our whisky won't be for everyone but we chose the RED PILL.

If we could go ahead in time 3-4 years and taste what we are cask filling at the moment , what would Craft Works taste like? ... You would still taste the Craft Works DNA but you would also taste a refinement of the balance between cask spirit and cask influence and a refinement of one of our I AM... signature DNA but you would also get to taste other Craft Works signature DNA flavours that we are currently developing.

Our R&D team is just us ...

Our marketing is just us...

Our journey is ours... but we share it with you through our story telling, our accessibility and our transparency.

Continue with us on our journey...



26th Dec 2021 7:30am

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